Considerations to Make When Designing a Kitchen

Considerations to Make When Designing a Kitchen

There are a lot of decisions to make when designing a fully functioning home kitchen. Most families in Australia spend a lot of time in their kitchen hence the need to carefully think about its planning stage lest it becomes a problem upon completion.

One of the things to consider is redirecting traffic away from the working triangle. The working triangle is the gas cooktops or electric cooktop, the sink and the fridge freezer. For a well functioning kitchen, this space needs to be clear of too much movement. When planning for the kitchen, it would not make sense placing an 8kg washing machine between a fridge and freezer or near your 90cm gas cooktop.

The next thing is to opt for built-in appliances. This gives them a modern look and also saves on space, for instance, having a built-in washing machine and dryer. Also, when designing the kitchen, all appliances will need working areas around them.

It would also be easier designing the kitchen once you have picked out all your appliances. For instance, when building cabinets, having your benchtop oven or your washing dryer in place and measured will allow you to tweak things during design. You would not want to fit in an oven between floor cabinets, and it does not match since the oven is bigger or smaller.

Also, consider the size of your appliances such as vacuum cleaners. It would be hard to provide space for large kitchen appliances if you are planning for a smaller kitchen. Ensure that you first prioritize the size of your kitchen to match with the size of equipment you will purchase.

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