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The choice of filter press filter cloth to filtering effect is very important, in the process of using filter press, the filter cloth plays the essential role. The performance quality, shaping correct or not directly affect the result. At present, the synthetic filter cloth is most common, and it is divided into the polyester fiber, vinylon, polypropylene fiber, polyamide fiber according to the difference of its material quality. In order to achieve the ideal interception effect and filtration rate, filter cloth is also need to be chose according to the technological conditions of granularity, density, chemical composition and filtration ground paste. Because of knitting difference in material quality and method, its intensity, elongation ratio, permeability, thickness are different, thus affected the filtration effect. In addition, filter medium also includes the cotton spinning cloth, the adhesive-bonded cloth, strainer, filter paper and pore membrane, according to the actual filtration request. If needs the technical service, please contact our company.

Features of Commonly used filter cloth:
Performance   polyester fiber   polyamide fiber   polypropylene fiber   vinylon
Acid resistance   bad    good   not acidproof
Kali resistivity    weak base   good   strong     strong base 
Electrical conductivity   very bad   better   good    general
Rupture elongation      30%-40% 18%-45%   better    12%-25%
Restitution   good    10%   over 90%   bad
Wear -resistance    very good    very good   good   better
Thermal stability   170 degrees   130 degrees   90 degrees   100 degrees
Softening point   230 -240 degrees   180 degrees   140 -150 degrees   00 degrees
Melting point   255 -265 degrees   210 -215 degrees   165 -170 degrees   220 degrees

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