What is the mechanism of filter press?

Mechanical press: Press, pressing mechanism comprises a motor (AdvancedConfiguration overload protector) reducer, gear, screw and a fixing nut. When pressed, the motor rotation, drive reducer, gear, the screw rod to rotate on the fixed nut, push thepressure plate of the filter plate, filter frame. When the pressure is more and more big, the load current of the motor increases, when the current to the protection setting value, the maximum clamping force, the motor stops rotating, cut off the power supply, the screw rod and a fixed nut with locking screw reliable angle, can ensure the clamping state, the working process of the return motor reversal, when pressure, pressing board, pressing to the travel switch to stop. C hydraulic press, hydraulic press mechanism: from the hydraulic station, hydraulic cylinder, piston, piston rod and the piston rod and the pressure plate is connected with the hydraulic station havran card structure: motor, pump, relief valve(pressure) valve, pressure gauge, oil, oil tank. Hydraulic mechanical pressing, a hydraulic station for high pressure oil, the oil cylinder and the piston element cavity filled with oil,when the friction resistance is greater than the pressure plate movement, the pressing plate slowly pressed plate, when the pressure relief valve set pressure value reached (by the pressure gauge pointer display), filter plate the filter plate, filter frame or (Van) is pressed, the overflow valve to unload, then, cut off the power supply, press the action is completed, return, valve, pressure oil into the cylinder rod chamber, when the oil pressurecan overcome the friction press plate, pressure plate to return. Hydraulic press forautomatic pressure, pressure is controlled by the electric contact pressure gauge,pressure gauge pointer to the upper and lower pointer set in the numerical process requirements, when the pressing force to cut off the power supply to the upper limit,because the oil, oil pump to stop power supply, system may have internal leakage and leakage cause pressure drop, when the pressure gauge pointer down to the lower limit,the power supply is switched on, start oil pump, cut off the power, the pump pressurereaches the upper limit, stop feeding, so the cycle to ensure the pressing force in order to achieve the effect of filtering materials.