There are matters which need to pay attention to the correct operation of filter press?

Filter press the main application and chemical production, filter press for intermittent operation are mainly a plate and frame filter press, filter press and vertical filter three kinds. The matters needing attention in the operation of filter press introduced today, withvan filter as an example. As the most ideal solid-liquid separation filter press one of the equipment, simple in structure, and the operation is more convenient, but in the operation of Shanghai is the need to know some of the use of matters. First of all, before use, should first do check, check the main transmission, hydraulic, lubrication system and so on is in normal state, the pipeline should also check the circuit and water, check the line is damaged, the pipe inspection check the main flow is smooth. The inspection work is not only in order to better maintenance of the machine is also in consideration of the safety of staff. In the operation of the filter press, should ensure the professional operation of the staff, and the staff will need to have a considerable understanding of the press also need to have a sense of security is very good, can not ignore the safety during operation.