The use of membrane filter press what benefits?

Diaphragm filter press with a pressing pressure high, as well as good corrosion resistance.A new generation of diaphragm from the material can be divided into: rubber diaphragmand macromolecule elastomer diaphragm diaphragm filter press.

Rubber diaphragm filter press filter materials for weak acid, weak base, and the organic solvent is not ideal, a separate fixed past change the rubber diaphragm filter press (fixed on a steel plate with two pieces of rubber plate by screws) save feed after energy dissipation, rubber diaphragm tympanic membrane more fully, the use of air pressure andcomparison small, under the same air supply volume case, rubber diaphragm tympanic membrane is three times of polymer diaphragm tympanic membrane, can greatly reduce the energy consumption.

Polymer elastomer diaphragm filter press used in acid, alkali and organic solvent material,performance is relatively better, longer service life. The press into the form of gas (air) and the liquid (water) press press, can meet the needs of different industries. According to customer needs to press a configurable component of food grade and ordinary grade, can be controlled by PLC and man-machine interface. For general material, diaphragmtympanic membrane 3-15 minutes later, you can fully play the role of squeeze dewatering.For some special materials can also be adopted by the first pressure piecewise squeezing method after pressing pressure press (such as dyes and pigments industries use more).

Diaphragm filter press filter dehydration process can meet the high efficiency, and canguarantee the best effect of filter press filter. Using the membrane filter press candecrease water content of the filter cake rate and greatly improve the yield to a great extent.

In the feeding process is finished, based on the filter cake press, to improve the dewatering efficiency of the whole machine, increase the filter cake dryness, reduce pollution and reduce labor. In some process to avoid drying process. If in the press before and after pressing, increasing the blowing operation, further reduce the filter cake moisture content.