Plate and frame filter press

1: the plate-and-frame filter press in accordance with the working methods can be divided into manual plate-and-frame filter presses, semi-automatic, fully automatic plate-and-frame filter press plate and frame filter presses; plate-and-frame filter presses can be based on the to distinguish important elements-filter plates, common polypropylene plate-and-frame filter presses, rubber plate and plate-and-frame filter press and so on.
2 the pressure filter based on whether the cake needs to be washed, can be divided into the wash and wash in two forms, you can wash the washable, otherwise known as the do not wash. Washable filter press filter plates come in two forms, open detergent liquid into the hole on the Board called hole filter plate (also known as washing plates), says that is not open detergent liquid into the hole without hole filter plate (also called non-washing plate). Washable filter press there are two-way and one-way washing washing points, one-way washing is made of perforated filter plate and non-porous filter plate placed alternately; double wash for perforated filter plate filter plates, but stagger the two adjacent pieces of filter washing should be placed, not through liquid.
A. manual Board box type pressure filter machine respectively by filter box, and filter cloth, and filter Board and filter Board filter cloth composition of filter parts and on filter part for pressure tight (handwheel, and Jack) of machine frame parts, check pushed Board end each hole, respectively for into material hole, into washing liquid hole, filtrate discharge set liquid hole, washing liquid discharge set liquid hole,. Depending on your choice of filter press model tipping pipe.
II. hydraulic pressure plate-and-frame filter press consists of the host (frame and filter Chamber), hydraulic components and electrical components.
(1) the host part
Host by two beams, its two ends are fixed on the thrust plate 1 and two side of the cylinder block 11, constitutes a rack. Left and right vertical shelving on a crossbar 8, arranged by 4 3, filter plates, filter cloth filter box number consisting of 5 Chambers and may move along the beam horizontally. Hinged clamping plate 7 with the piston rod 9. Driven by hydraulic cylinder the piston moves back and forth, compact filter box, filter plates, after the hydraulic working pressure is reached, rotate the locking nut 10 locking pressure. Then close the motor can feed filters.
(2) hydraulic components
Hydraulic part consists of hydraulic accessories (fuel and oil filters), hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic pumps, valves and piping and other components.
Requires 20 μ m aperture filtering of hydraulic oil, gas to liquid line cap, motor-driven pumps, pressure solenoid valve oil into the hydraulic cylinder piston complete compression and relaxation processes of the filter Chamber. Hydraulic working pressure value as shown in the specification of the inserts.
(3) electrical components
Electrical components installed in the right side of the tank, manipulate the components mounted on the right side of the cylinder block.
Equipment selection, you should consider the following aspects:
(1) the requirement for solid content of sludge cake ratio. Plate and frame filter press compared with other types of extractors, high solid content of sludge cake rate, up to 35%, from reducing sludge piled covers considerations, plate-and-frame filter press should be the preferred option.
(2) the material of the frame.
(3) the filter oscillation device, to make the cake easier to fall off. Comparison with other type dewatering machine, plate-and-frame filter press’s biggest drawback is that covers an area larger. Meanwhile, plate-and-frame filter press for intermittent operation, low efficiency, poor operating environment, there are secondary pollution, large-scale water treatment plant has been rarely used. But large production factory for has development developed work, makes its adapted has modernization sewage processing factory of requirements, as through PLC system control on can achieved system full since shipped way, its pressure filter, and filter Board of mobile, and filter cloth of oscillation, and compression air of provides, and filter cloth flush, and into material, operation all can through PLC distal control to completed, greatly reduce has workers of intensity.
1: the plate-and-frame filter press works: for the separation of solids and liquids. Compared with other solid-liquid separation equipment, filter press filter cake has a higher solid content and good separation effect. Basic principles of solid-liquid separation is: mixing liquid flows through the filter media (filter cloth), the solids remain in the filter cloth, gradually accumulated in the filter cloth and filter cake. Part of landfill leachate infiltration filter cloth, a clear liquid containing no solid.
2: the plate-and-frame filter press consists of alternating filter plates and filter frame a set of Chambers. The grooves on the surface of the filter plate, the protruding parts to support a filter cloth. Filter box and plate corner holes, assembled to form complete channels, to suspension of access, washing with water and draw out the filtrate. Has handles on each side of the plate, box supporting the crossbar from clamping device clamping plate, frame. Plate, frame filter gasket between roles. By dosing pump hydraulic suspension into the filter Chamber, form a residue in the filter cloth, until the full filter Chamber. Filtrate flows through the filter cloth and filter plate grooves to plate-and-frame corner channel, concentrated discharges. Filtering is complete, can pass into the clear washing water wash residue. After washing, sometimes access to compressed air, remove the remaining cleaning solution. Then open pressure filter remove residue, cleaning cloth, again pressed plates, boxes, and start the next work cycle.
3: plate-and-frame filter press for residue compressibility or nearly incompressible suspension can be applied. For the suspension of solids concentration is below 10%, typically 0.3~1.6 MPa operating pressure special up to 3 MPa or higher. Number plate-and-frame filter area can differ depending on the increase or decrease. Frame usually is a square with side length of 200~2000 mm in the filter box, box 16~80 mm thick filter covers an area of 1~1200 square meters. Board and box with manual electric screw and hydraulic clamping screw,. Boards and boxes made of wood, cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel, polypropylene and rubber materials.