Plate and frame filter press dewatering effect not be okay

First pressing: machine inspection must be carried out before the filter pressoperation: view filter cloth for any discount or overlap, if the power supply isproperly connected. Check immediately after the pressing operation, firstclick on the start button pump start working, and then click Compressbutton clamping plate clamping the piston push, when after reaches setpressure high pressure hydraulic system automatically stops.


Second step: when the filter press after pressing, you can conduct feedingoperations: open the feed pump and slowly open the inlet valve, feedpressure is gradually increased to the normal pressure. Observation of filterleakage between the fluid and filter plate, filter some time after filterpresses liquid out of hole gradually decrease in liquid, then instructions filterindoor residue is gradually filled with, not when the liquid outlet fluid orwhen only a small amount of liquid, proven filter indoor residue has beencompletely filled with formed filter cake. Such as filter cake needs to washor dry operation, can be followed, as does not require washing or dry cakedischarge operation operation.


Third step washing or drying: filter press cake filled, shut down the feedpump and the inlet valve. Start washer pump or air compressor, slowopening into the lotion or the inlet valve, the filter cake is fwashed or dried.After the operation completes, close the lotion pump or air compressorand valves, cake discharge operation can be carried out.


Fourth step unloading cake: first closed into material pump and into material valve, and into wash liquid or into wind device and valve, then press operation panel Shang of “release” button, piston rod led pressure tight Board returned, back to suitable location Hou, release press of “release” button, artificial by block pull filter Board remove filter cake, while cleanup stick in sealed surface at of residue, prevent residue clip in sealed surface Shang effects sealed performance, produced leakage phenomenon, now a operation cycle finished.


One, basic principles


1, old filter works as follows:
Filter press filters section: 1) thrust plates, 2), filter plates, 3) clamping plates,4) composed of filter cloth
Works as follows: the clamping plates under the action of external PI, eachfilter plate pressing, in the cavity formed between the filter plates. Underthe influence of solid-liquid mixture in infusion pump is pumped into theChamber, the liquid through the filter cloth, passed out with dark hole filterplate, and the solid are blocked by a filter cloth, gradually accumulate inthe filter cavity, forming a residue. To facilitate the collection andtransportation of residue, as well as to avoid further pollution of theenvironment, the General requirements of filter out of the filter plate with a moisture content of 75%.
It can be seen that formed between the volume of Chamber filter platesare not changed.
2, technical innovations:
Rigid blocks portfolio consists of filter plates, filter plates and filter box iscomposed of three parts, filter out under the force of PI, each filter plateclamping. When the infusion pumps stopped work after removing rigidblocks, when in the filter plates and filter creates a space between boxes,the space will be closed under the force of P3. Filter plate cavity ofhorizontal distance would be reduced, or reducing rigid blocks of width c.As the Chamber filter plates the residue contained a certain moisturecontent, filter plate cavity volume reduction part of the water will make thecake squeeze, which will reduce the water content of the residue.
Plate filter press is characterized by:
(1) under the same working conditions (such as infusion pump power andits working time, etc). Plate filter presses can use mechanical forces, narrowthe filter plate cavity volume, squeeze out moisture in the cake, making itfurther reduced water content.
(2) at present, any brand of filter press, its residue moisture contentdecreased with the extension of the working time of infusion pump. Infusionpump working timea residue of moisture characteristic curve, the infusionpump working timeresidue moisture characteristic curves are very similar.Infusion pump began to work for the first 3 hours, residue moisture fell verysignificantly, from 99% per cent to about 82% (decreased up to 17%),infusion pumps working again and then after about 5 hours of work, its moisture content will drop to about 75% (the decline is only 7%). Plate pressure filter machine full using has infusion pump of work time-residue containing water rate characteristics curve of characteristics, in infusion pump work has 3 hours Hou that stop its work, unloading to rigid pad block, with forces P3 will residue in the of part water extrusion, makes residue of containing water rate can quickly dropped about 75%, greatly to shortened has residue out filter Board-filter box of time, improve has efficiency. Therefore, the plate filter press is an energy-saving, efficient,environmentally friendly products.


Second, key 1, infusion pump and filter matching


2, different for different residue selection of filter cloth


Third, main technical specifications and requirements


1, filter presses can be used continuously for 24 hours, from 2 shifts per dayto 4 daily
2, working 6 hours a residue of infusion pump moisture from 99% to around 75%


Four, major equipment and management


1, equipment
Sewage lift pump, dosing pump, mixer, air compressor, pump, filter presses.
2, operation management
A high degree of automation of the system, liquid level float controlsewage lifting pump, dosing pumps, mixers and lift linkage, sour, alkali pHmetercontrolled pumps running, other devices according to the systemneeds to run. The whole process filter can achieve semi-automatic.


Five investment benefit analysis (consumer)


1, investment


A total investment of 6 million dollars, including equipment investment of 4million dollars
Main equipment life of 15 years, the running costs of 1.36 million yuan peryear.


2 and its economic benefit analysis


(1) can shorten the entire filter cycles, improve efficiency of about 60%;
(2) energy saving of about 37.5%, simple operation, convenientmaintenance, repair;
(3) save investment costs about 43% per year, about two years to recoverthe cost of investment;
(The service life of the filter for the 7-10)
(4) low water content, easy to collect and transport, without secondarypollution.


3, the environmentbenefit analysis


Annual reduction of pollutant discharge total copper 8767kg,35609kg,COD value of 25748kg of total cyanide, drastically reducingpollution of the water, saving water resources, avoiding environmentaldisputes.