Benefits of using diaphragm filter press?

Diaphragm pressure filter with high squeezing pressure, good corrosionresistance and so on. A new generation of diaphragm material can bedivided into: polymer elastomer rubber diaphragm and diaphragm-typediaphragm filter press.
Rubber diaphragm type pressure filter machine for acid, and weak base, and and the not organic solvent of filter material compared ideal, rubber diaphragm type pressure filter machine change past of points body fixed type (with two block rubber Board with screws fixed in plate Shang) save into material Hou energy, rubber diaphragm tympanic membrane more full, using of pressure and the gas than smaller, in equal gas source gas of situation Xia, rubber diaphragm tympanic membrane is polymer diaphragm tympanic membrane of three times times, can greatly reduced energy.
Polymer elastomer diaphragm filter press with strong acids, strong alkaliand organic solvent materials, performance is relatively better and longerservice life. Its press is divided into gas (air) pressed and liquid (water),press, to meet the needs of different industries. Pressed components can be configured according to customer needs of food-grade and o-level,control using PLC and HMI. General material diaphragm 3-15 minutes oftympanic membrane, you can fully play a pressing role. For some specialmaterials can also be used to pressure after the high pressure pressingsegment pressing method (such as dyes and pigments industry used more).
Diaphragm filter functions meet the filtration process of dewatering, andserve to protect the filter presses play the best filtering effect. Diaphragmfilter press can be to a large extent reducing filter cake moisture contentand improve yield.
After the end of the feeding process, through the filter cake is pressed toimprove efficiency, increase the dryness of the cake, and reduce pollutionand reduce the workforce. In some processes can be removed from thedrying process. If in front of a press and squeezed, increased blowbackoperation, further reducing filter cake moisture content.