The use of membrane filter press what benefits?

Diaphragm filter press with a pressing pressure high, as well as good corrosion resistance.A new generation of diaphragm from the material can be divided into: rubber diaphragmand macromolecule elastomer diaphragm diaphragm filter press. Rubber diaphragm filter press filter materials for weak acid, weak base, and the organic solvent is not ideal, a separate fixed past … Read More

What is the role of filter press?

Filter press can be used in chemical industry, metallurgy, mining, coal washing, sewage treatment, ceramics, inorganic salt, textile, printing and dyeing, dye, papermaking, starch,sugar, oil, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, oil, alcohol and other solid-liquid separationfilter fields. But the filter press can be divided into many types, see what is you need toseparate objects, there are problem … Read More

Plate and frame filter press dewatering effect not be okay

First pressing: machine inspection must be carried out before the filter pressoperation: view filter cloth for any discount or overlap, if the power supply isproperly connected. Check immediately after the pressing operation, firstclick on the “start“ button pump start working, and then click “Compress“button clamping plate clamping the piston push, when after reaches setpressure high … Read More

Undercurrent type and plate and frame filter press in what is the difference?

Drainage plate and frame filter press can be divided into two forms the flow andundercurrent. The filtrate through outlet frame on both sides of the direct discharge machine for open type, open benefit is that can be observed in each piece of filter plateliquid condition, problems directly found by discharge filtrate transparency; if the filtrate … Read More

Benefits of using diaphragm filter press?

Diaphragm pressure filter with high squeezing pressure, good corrosionresistance and so on. A new generation of diaphragm material can bedivided into: polymer elastomer rubber diaphragm and diaphragm-typediaphragm filter press. Rubber diaphragm type pressure filter machine for acid, and weak base, and and the not organic solvent of filter material compared ideal, rubber diaphragm type pressure … Read More