Plate and frame filter press dewatering effect not be okay

First pressing: machine inspection must be carried out before the filter pressoperation: view filter cloth for any discount or overlap, if the power supply isproperly connected. Check immediately after the pressing operation, firstclick on the “start“ button pump start working, and then click “Compress“button clamping plate clamping the piston push, when after reaches setpressure high … Read More

Plate and frame filter press

1: the plate-and-frame filter press in accordance with the working methods can be divided into manual plate-and-frame filter presses, semi-automatic, fully automatic plate-and-frame filter press plate and frame filter presses; plate-and-frame filter presses can be based on the to distinguish important elements-filter plates, common polypropylene plate-and-frame filter presses, rubber plate and plate-and-frame filter press and … Read More